• 5 Mini Bottles of Wine

  • Personalised Boxes Each Month

  • Delivered to Your Door

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How it works!

  • 1. WINE QUIZ

    Complete your wine profile. Our quick quiz is designed to help us curate your perfect box.

  • 2. LOCK BOX

    Once your box is ready to view, you can either lock it to be shipped or change any of the wines in your box.


    You can rate and keep track of your wines on our app, helping us improve our future recommendations.


Enjoy a glass anytime with our mini bottles that ensure:

- No wine ever goes to waste.

- You only invest in wines you love.

- You can try premium wines without breaking the bank!


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What is the monthly price of the subscription box?

The base price for a subscription is £25 per box, inclusive of VAT and delivery. However this may increase if wines are switched out with more premium options.

How long do the wines last?

We developed a proprietary bottle filling technology that preserves wines for far longer than other similar products in the market. But organic chemistry being what it is, each wine has its own innate 'best before' date. We print this on each bottle. On average, however, we'd say the typical bottle will last for up to six weeks from dispatch. 

Can I change the wines that SOMM has suggested to me?

Yes. Our suggestions are just that - suggestions - which we’ve made based on the taste preferences quiz you completed. You can edit your box contents at any time up until the cut-off point, which is at midnight on the Sunday before your box is due to be delivered.

I really liked a particular wine, can I purchase it by the bottle?

First of all, we’re so glad to hear you enjoyed the wine! You can buy a regular sized bottle (usually 75cl) via the Vagabond app.

Locate the wine (which will be in "my previous boxes" section) and click on the "buy" button, and the wine will normally be with you in 24 hours.

N/B We purchase our wines in small quantities, sometimes from small producers who only have a limited number of bottles, to keep our selection interesting. This means not all of our wines are available to buy by the bottle.


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