Where did the idea for SOMM come from?

You see, we’re actually a bunch of people who have been running wine bars in London for over a decade. We spend everyday talking with people who love wine. It made us realise how inaccessible and complicated wine discovery can be.

SOMM is a digital manifestation of our in-bar experience.

When you visit a Vagabond bar, you can try over 150 different wines BY THE GLASS and discover new wines every time you visit. We also simplify the message by condensing all the ‘wine talk’ to a few simple wine styles.

With SOMM, you can re-create this experience at home. It is a fully personalised wine subscription service.

You'll receive five 100ml bottles of different wine every two to four weeks. Each selection of wines is tailored specifically to you based on your actual wine likes and dislikes.

Think Spotify for wines. But tastier and each playlist is curated for you.

You can customise the wines in your upcoming box to include any of the 80+ ever changing wines we carry. Easily buy full bottles for delivery to your home.

Whether you're a full-on wine geek or just starting out, Vagabond SOMM is an easy and fun way to explore the world of wine.

Fall in love with wine, one mini bottle at a time!